Importance of animal welfare…

Floors are a key point in successful herd management.
A clean floor has beneficial effects on animal cleanliness, their health, behaviour and, therefore, influences their productivity.

Building cleanliness is thus the best way to prevent disease and high veterinary bills, and allows you to increase the value of milk produced at the best price. Investing in the comfort of your animals usually quickly pays for itself.

Very «comfort-dependent», a cow living in a comfortable, healthy environment can fully express its potential.

…and safety!

When moving around the cowshed, a cow can be hurt, suffer or require care leading to many complications for the farmer and sometimes significant financial losses. So MIRO seeks to reduce the risk, as much as possible, of animal injuries from the framework or equipment present in the cowshed.

A clean, dry floor is a very important factor in limiting the risk of illness and injury, but the equipment must also be a player in the comfort and safety of the animal.

Aware of this need, MIRO ‘s teams constantly work to improve its products using harmless shapes and materials and by developing ever more reliable features.

The MIROBOT 3.0, a friend to animals !

The MIROBOT 3.0 has been designed as a safe work tool that is quickly accepted by animals with, in particular :

  • * No sharp or cutting edges
  • * Short arms covered in rubber making them easy to step over
  • * A flexible, unbreakable polymer cover, with a rounded shape, enveloping the body of the scraper and wheels
  • * A safety system installed on the arms and cover allowing the robot to stop its trajectory and move backwards in case of an obstacle
  • * Its wire-controlled guidance system installed without a groove in the floor prevents the risk of the animal falling (and the accumulation of bacterial effluent residues)
  • * Quiet operation

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