Connected farming by MIRO !

An indisputable player in effluent treatment, MIRO is innovating and adapting to new generations of farmers and new working methods by entering the digital age with mobile technology!

The advantages of digital technology are a real opportunity to be seized to reduce the arduousness of certain tasks and obligations while optimising the economic performance of the farm and the herd!

With a simple and intuitive app, the high-tech offered on the MIROBOT 3.0 is easier to set up than a tractor box, for even more convenience and time savings!

Give yourself freedom with the MIROBOT 3.0 !

The MIROBOT 3.0 app gives you fast and easy remote access, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Much more than a comfort app, it allows you to remotely monitor your installation, trigger the passage of the robot, and monitor the next operations to be performed on the robot.

By gathering and cross-referencing lots of information, the application will allow you to get a clear picture of your herd’s needs and, as a result, improve their living conditions.

Setting up the application on the MIROBOT 3.0 will allow you to have a technologically evolving robot with regularly updated solutions and applications that are more and more efficient and fun: music, weather, weight of the material, etc. !

Features :

* Free application
* Password protected
* Several access and administration levels according to the users
* Multi-language management
* Remote reception of personalised information via SMS or e-mail for real-time information on the operation of the robot
* Ability to control up to 5 MIROBOT 3.0 simultaneously using the control panel, and, consequently, a significant reduction in equipment investment
* Up to 14 programmable cycles per robot
* Error handling and maintenance to be performed with notifications on the home page
* Display screen for each robot
* Real-time communication with the distributor to improve response times during an operation error, thereby contributing to a reduction in machine downtime
* Long-range radio link between the controller and the robot for greater installation flexibility
* Complete: the screen lists all machine settings
* Ability to set the robot to ‘delayed discharge’ or ‘strawy’ mode for more intense scraping
* Simplified monitoring of the maintenance contract, operations performed and future operations
* System Restore in case of data loss

MIRO supports you!!

During installation of the robot, our team of technicians will train you, in just a few minutes, on all the features and possibilities of our robot and app.

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