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All of MIRO’s products are developed, manufactured and assembled at our one- and-only site of Pierrefontaine-les-Varans (25) in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.
In the heart of a region rich in farming, with over 3,000 dairy farms, this location gives the brand perfect knowledge of the needs of farmers and the possibility.

In respect of the land, animals and farmers, MIRO develops products that are continually more environmentally friendly and economical.
Also, over 90% of the MIROBOT 3.0 components are recyclable, and its energy consumption is extremely low, at only 0.5 kW when operating, that is €0.05/hour*.
* according to current rates in France

Global and innovative solutions for the treatment and transfer of animal manure

Scrapers – Scraping robots – Carpets – Mats evacuators

Pumps – Mixers – Shredders fixed or mobile

For nearly 50 years, the brand MIRO, based at Pierrefontaine-les-Varans in the Doubs (25) in France, designs, manufactures and markets performing equipments in the field of farm machinery. She is specialized in the treatment and the transfer of animal manure.

Installed in the heart of a breeding area and daily in contact with the users of its products and also its distributors’ network throughout the world, MIRO has been able to develop many innovative, rugged and cost-effective solutions, allowing to alleviate the farmer of its constraining, time-consuming and tedious tasks.

While improving the animal’s comfort within the stable :

  • For breeding : scrapers / scraping robots / evacuators / carpets / mats
  • For the collection : manure spreaders / liquid manure tanks
  • For the treatment : pumps / mixers / shredders / agitators / shredders
  • For the biogas : incorporation units / pumps / mixers / agitators / crushers / separators / manure spreader accessories

Since its inception, MIRO has not stopped proposing modern and techno-economic solutions to its customers, by placing innovation, requirement and comfort of users in the heart of its developing strategy.

The MIROBOT 3.0, the newest innovation of our team has been totally designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the Doubs for a perfect control of its cost, its environmental footprint and its performances.

More than 70 people serving the agriculture field, the animals and the environment !

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