A sturdy and affordable technological jewel !

Committed to farmers and their animals, and the constant search for new solutions that are favourable for everyone, the French brand MIRO is betting on a new generation robot with the first autonomous, connected robot making it possible to considerably improve your cowshed’s hygiene.

The MIROBOT 3.0 is the first autonomous tool holder robot with mobile app, whose first developed accessory is a scraping shovel.

The MIROBOT 3.0 is a high capacity machine, capable of handling all types of manure, including very strawy manure.

Remote controlled, through its mobile app, this new generation robot will give you an enormous amount freedom every day and make maintenance operations easier to anticipate and perform.

Able to perform complex trajectories over several alleys, including curves, this intelligent robot easily adapts to all types of buildings thanks to its wire-controlled guidance and multiple adjustment options.

A range of versatile, adaptable tools on the robot body will gradually be developed to meet the multiple needs in the cowshed and provide comfort and safety to your animals while improving their health and quality of life!

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